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California real estate professionals deserve better.

If you can sell it,
You should see it in your MLS.

You’re licensed to represent transactions anywhere in California.


Technology allows us to share listing data seamlessly and accurately. But half of California’s MLSs won’t share data. These territorial restrictions hurt you as a professional.


When we cooperate,
we all do better business.


You shouldn’t face artificial barriers to listing access within your MLS. When everyone has access to data, everyone closes more sales. This is the principle behind the MLS. Is your MLS working for you, or wasting your time and money?


It’s time to embrace
the future of the MLS.


MLS leadership must put politics aside and do what is right for their brokers and agents.


After all, it’s YOUR business.

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Tell your association leadership:
It’s time to share data now.

Unified access to data equals
better business for brokers and agents in California.