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California Regional MLS and bridgeMLS Sign Agreement to Share Listing Data

May 8, 2018 •

California Regional MLS (CRMLS) and bridgeMLS, serving REALTORS® in the Northern California/Bay Area region, have agreed to begin sharing listing data. Once the agreement is fully in place, CRMLS and bridgeMLS users will share listing data directly, giving users of either MLS the ability to view listing data from the other MLS in their own MLS system. Read more . . .


The Litigation Between Sandicor Shareholders Has Ended

April 23, 2018 •

The three member Associations of Sandicor® MLS have agreed to a final settlement of all lawsuits resulting in a resolution to realign their MLS memberships to service the best interests of their respective association members. Sandicor® MLS is comprised of North San Diego County Association of REALTORS® (NSDCAR), Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® (PSAR), and Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® (GSDAR). Read more . . .


California Regional MLS and High Desert MLS Sign Historic Data Share Agreement

April 6, 2018 •

California Regional MLS (CRMLS) and High Desert MLS (HDMLS) have, for the first time, inked a data share agreement. Read more . . .


CRMLS Adds Victor Valley, Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear to Service Area

March 2, 2018 •

California Regional MLS is pleased to announce the expansion of its service area to cover California’s Victor Valley, Lake Arrowhead, and Big Bear regions. This expansion marks the latest for CRMLS, which has seen its service area grow piece-by-piece over the past decade. Read more . . .


CRMLS Offers Services through San Diego-Area Associations

December 5, 2017 •

CRMLS is pleased to announce that access to the CRMLS platform of services has been extended into areas of San Diego, providing members of North San Diego Association of REALTORS® (NSDCAR) and Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® (PSAR) with MLS front-end choice. Read more . . .


CRMLS Expands Access to San Diego County with Sandicor Data Share

May 23, 2017 •

CRMLS initiates an historic data share with Sandicor MLS, expanding MLS listing access for its 82,000+ users. The direct data share agreement will allow CRMLS users to access Sandicor MLS listings from within CRMLS Matrix, and likewise Sandicor users will have access to CRMLS listings from their MLS system. At present, only residential listings are included in the data share. Read more . . .


Ventura County Regional Data Share Reinstitutes Direct Data Share with California Regional MLS

May 5, 2017 •

California Regional MLS (CRMLS) has signed a new data share agreement with Ventura County Regional Data Share (VCRDS). In this new agreement, CRMLS and VCRDS will share listing data directly, allowing real estate professionals belonging to either MLS to view the other’s listing data through their usual point of access. Read more . . .


The Real Value of MLS Data

October 24, 2016 •

It seems that there is quite a bit of controversy lately over the value of MLS data. It’s really not a new concept. Brokers and MLS’s, and even N.A.R. for that matter, have long been chasing the holy grail of profit hidden within MLS databases.Those past attempts have all failed: either due to political opposition, a lack of complete national coverage. Read more . . .


Understanding MLS Data Sharing VS Consolidation

October 13, 2016 •

Recently, there has been much discussion regarding the future of the MLS. In an environment where the consumer has access to a greater breadth of information than any Broker or agent is afforded through their local MLS, the time has come for change. That need for change is hotly debated. Read more . . .


Statewide MLS discussion draws crowd

September 9, 2016 •

After more than a year of surveying members, asking questions and hosting forums and meetings, PSAR’s Board of Directors and the North San Diego County Association of REALTOR’S (NSDCAR) Board of Directors both recently endorsed the new “It’s My Business” campaign that promotes a statewide MLS. Read more . . .


“It’s Time” Says Art Carter for Statewide MLS Listing Access

June 21, 2016 •

We live in the Information Age. Data is everything and sharing is instantaneous. This is what our consumers expect today. They expect that they can go online, find a home in whatever area they choose, bring it to their agent and their agent will have enough information on that home to start brokering a deal. Read more . . .


It’s My Business Gets More Press As Marin/North Bay AORs Join Movement

June 21, 2016 •

New agreements between CRMLS and the Marin and North Bay Associations of REALTORS® have caught the public eye and refocused attention on It’s My Business, the movement for statewide MLS listing access. Under the agreements, the Marin and North Bay AORs will now offer CRMLS as an alternative MLS service to their combined 4,500 members. Read more . . .


NEW Video from It’s My Business: Powerful Testimonial on Merits of Statewide MLS Listing Access

June 6, 2016 •

In a new video released today by It’s My Business, several leaders within the California real estate community speak out about the need for a single statewide solution for MLS listing access. Those featured in the video include brokers from across the state, Association Executives, and even a past C.A.R. President, Jim Hamilton.  Read more . . .


California Regional MLS Expands Access to Marin County and North Bay Association of REALTORS® as Participating Associations

May 20, 2016 •

California Regional MLS (CRMLS) has signed agreements with the Marin and North Bay Associations of REALTORS®. The addition of these organizations brings CRMLS Association/Board membership count to 36. As the nation’s largest and most recognized multiple listing service, it is the mission of CRMLS to provide each of its 80,000+ subscribers with a voice in the operation of their listing service.  Read more . . .


California Regional MLS Signs Groundbreaking Direct Data Share Agreement with Sandicor MLS

January 13, 2015 •
Sandicor and CRMLS will share listing information directly with each other and will import each other’s listing data into each respective MLS system allowing access to all data in both market places no matter what MLS the member resides in. Sandicor will join VCRDS, CDAR, CLAW, CRISNet, iTech MLS and Palm Springs Association of REALTORS® in the new direct data share initiative. Read more…


California Regional MLS and MLSListings Inc. Sign Data Share Agreement

December 3, 2015 •

In this new agreement, CRMLS and MLSListings will share listing data directly, allowing real estate professionals of each multiple listing service access to the other’s listing data and exposure for their listings to nearly 100,000 brokers and agents. Both MLSListings and CRMLS currently use the Matrix system, so the integration of listing data should be smooth, with little or no effect on the user experience. The new partnership will bring over 8,000 active listings to CRMLS’s database of over 80,000, including listings from other data share agreements. Read more…


Brokers Ask to Data Share with Nation’s Largest MLS

January 5, 2015 •

A data-sharing project from the nation’s largest multiple listing service is growing. California Regional MLS, which services more than 73,000 real estate professionals, and the Ventura County Regional Data Share, which has about 4,500 subscribers, have signed an agreement to import listing data directly from each other’s systems. Read more…


California Regional MLS Makes Strides Toward Statewide MLS

September 12, 2014 •

With the goal of building a statewide multiple listing service in mind, California Regional MLS has embarked on an initiative to ink data-share deals directly with MLSs throughout the Golden State. Read more…


California MLS Data Sharing Update

May 9, 2014 •

California Regional MLS and MLS Listings have reached an agreement to share MLS listing data. This is an important signal of MLS strategy in California for a number of reasons. These MLSs are planning to share data by sending data to each other for display in each other’s system and use by each other’s subscribers without the need to belong to both MLSs. Read more…


Nation’s Biggest MLS Set to Pull Out of CARETS Data-sharing Venture

January 21, 2014 •

The nation’s largest multiple listing service, California Regional MLS, has submitted a letter of intent to pull out of a joint venture of California MLSs that aggregates listings into a common database. San Dimas, Calif.-based CRMLS, which provides MLS services to about 73,000 agents and brokers, cited improved technology and the need for a more cost-effective arrangement behind its decision. Read more…


Pooled MLS Listings in California Create New Opportunities for Realtors and Buyers

2014 •



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Issue Briefing Paper: Statewide MLS (March, 2015)




California MLS FAQ (2008)


Six Guiding Principles of MLS (2005)